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Our Process

At Full Spec, it's about celebrating the pristine quality of our single-source sungrown flowers, nestled within the Full Spec farms.

Fresh Frozen flower

Within moments of harvest, these precious plants are fresh frozen, bypassing traditional drying and curing. This meticulous approach ensures the live flower's terpene profiles remain untouched and primed for extraction


Born from the heart of our Live Resin Extraction (LRE) process, this unique liquified form encapsulates the vibrant terpene profiles and potent cannabinoids of fresh frozen flower. Merging the brilliant euphoria of Live Resin Diamonds with the aroma and flavor of Live Resin Sauce, Liquid Live Resin redefines excellence.


Venturing deeper into the LRE journey, we arrive at our ultra-cold extraction techniques. Full Spec takes pride in its proprietary closed-loop full spectrum hydrocarbon extractor, ensuring purity at every step. Undertaken at a crisp -60 degrees Fahrenheit, this method safeguards the delicate cannabis compounds, ensuring no aromatic essence is lost.


It's in this phase that we truly capture the living breath of the cannabis plant within the oil, giving rise to our namesake, “Live” Resin Extraction. This masterful extraction births two exquisite treasures - the fragrant Live Resin Sauce and the potent Live Resin Diamonds. While the Sauce is an aromatic symphony of strain-specific flavors and aromas, the Diamonds encapsulate the raw, full-spectrum cannabinoid strength, from THC and THCA to minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN.


The final frontier of the LRE odyssey is the art of formulation. Though shrouded in mystery, what we can share is that the alchemy between Live Resin Sauce and Live Resin Diamonds offers boundless possibilities. From the ethereal Liquid Live Resin to the textured richness of Live Resin Badder and Sugar, and the precision-infused Live Resin Afterburners, the range is vast. Together, the Diamonds and Sauce paint a holistic portrait of the cannabis plant: the Sauce weaving tales of flavor and aroma, while the Diamonds champion unparalleled cannabinoid vigor.


At Full Spec, our craft transcends the ordinary. We don't just capture the essence; we control the full spectrum.