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About our strains

Full Spec is an interstellar cultivar and strain house, specializing in LRE extraction. Our strains are known throughout the universe for their incredible flavor, effects and variety. Explore our database.

Afghani Blowtorch

Wonder Woman X Candy Apple X Pink Unicorn

Animal Mintz

Animal Cookies X Sin Mint Cookies

Berry's First

Hans First X Berry White

Berry White

Blueberry X White Widow

Blackberry Kush

Afghani X Blackberry

Blackberry Trainwreck

Blackberry Kush X Trainwreck

Blue Dream

Blueberry X Haze

Blue Zitrus

Lychee X Honey Bun

Candy Apple

Blueberry X Pineapple X Afghani


Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze

Dosi Punch

Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch




Stardawg X Afghan

Hans First

SFV OG x Girl Scout Cookies

Heavenly Haze

Haze X Afghani X Northern Lights #5 X Hawaiian

Ice Cream Cake

Wedding Cake X Gelato

Jungle Punch

Banana OG X Mendo Punch X Cindy Punch

LA Kush Cake

Wedding Cake x Kush Mints

Lavender Trainwreck

Lavender Kush X Trainwreck

Layer Cake

Wedding Cake Oil X Collins Ave Flower

Lemon Runtz

Lemonchello 28 Vape Oil X Azul Runtz Flower

Little Donkey

Mexican Flan Vape Oil X Caffeine Flower

Love Bomb

Honey Bunz x 2090 Shit


Miracle Alien Cookies X Mimosa


Kimbo Kush x Darkside of The Moon


G13 X Hash Plant

Off The Rails

Candy Apple X Lavender Trainwreck

Papaya Punch

Papaya X Purple Punch

Pineapple Express

Hawaiian X Trainwreck



Silver Lining

Silverface X Blackberry Trainwreck

Smitten Kitten

Caffeine X Wedding Cake


California Orange X Skunk

Wonder Woman

Thai X Haze X Skunk #1

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