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Full Spec Stationwide Announcement: CODE RED-ORANGE-FUSCHIA

Attention, inhabitants of Full Spec Station. This is not a drill. We are issuing an official notice regarding the sudden and mysterious disappearance of one of our most cherished team members: Gerald, our interstellar product tester, bartender, plumber and ship MC. Gerald, whose real name remains a delightful enigma, has been an integral part of our Full Spec family. Known for his cultured terp expertise and his uncanny ability to handle the most random of tasks, Gerald has been more than just an employee; he's been a part of our cosmic journey.

The last confirmed sighting of Gerald was in the vicinity of the Milky Way galaxy, thumb extended in a universal gesture of hitchhiking, seemingly en route to Pluto. Ah, Pluto – a celestial body whose planetary status is a debate for the ages, yet it holds a charm undiminished by its astronomical ambiguity. What secrets does it hold? Could it be a new haven for a wayward traveler like Gerald? Are there terps there? Who let Gerald out?! We call upon every member of the Full Spec community to keep their sensors peeled and their eyes on the stars. Gerald could be anywhere from the frosty plains of Pluto to the bustling space lanes of the more central galaxies. For those wondering, "What’s on Pluto?" – it's a world of nitrogen ice and a heart-shaped glacier, a silent sentinel at the edge of our solar system. Could our dear Gerald be exploring its icy mysteries or gazing upon the distant sun from its lonely surface? CAN HE EVEN BREATHE?!

* Long pause *

"We'll be playing his favorites over the intercom, dark gritty techno beats with a sprinkling of Blink 182's "Miss You", hoping we can lure him back"

Let us band together in this moment of uncertainty. Keep your communications open and report any sightings or information that could help in locating our beloved Gerald. We'll be playing his favorites over the intercom, dark gritty techno beats with a sprinkiling of Blink 182's "Miss you", hoping we can lure him back. Together, we traverse the stars, united in our search for our friend. Gerald, if you’re out there, know that Full Spec awaits your safe return, and your next random task is already queued up. [End of Transmission]