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From Wenatchee Hills to Washington's Bounty: The Full Spec Cannabis Journey

From Wenatchee Hills to Washington's Bounty: The Full Spec Cannabis Journey

For any extract to stand out, its origin and cultivation process are paramount. The story of Full Spec's exceptional products begins in the serene Wenatchee Hills, and further, is rooted in the heart of Washington's natural gifts: its climate, soil, and environment.

The journey to our secluded farm might feel like an expedition, but upon arrival, the panoramic beauty of Washington's landscape makes every moment worth it. It's not just the view that's awe-inspiring; it's what this land offers to our cultivation. Washington's maritime climate, marked by generous rainfall and temperate summers, provides the perfect balance of moisture and sunlight, vital for our cannabis plants' growth.


However, as with any farming, challenges accompany the blessings. The frequent rains, especially during early fall, can be tricky, risking mold on cannabis buds. This is where our meticulous cultivation techniques and strain selections, like the zesty Citrus Sap and the potent Nine Pound Hammer #6, come into play, ensuring resilience against such pitfalls.

The soil, a testament to Washington's glacial and volcanic past, is rich and diverse, offering a balance of organic matter and minerals. It's this unique terroir that not only supports the plant's health but also contributes to the distinct flavor profiles of strains like our crowd-favorite, Lemon Meringue.

Going beyond mere cultivation, our commitment to single-source integrity shines. Every Full Spec extract hails from this singular Wenatchee origin. This approach ensures a complete internal oversight, from seedling to the final product, guaranteeing unparalleled quality.

Our dedication to natural processes is further exemplified in our "Fresh Frozen" technique. Immediately after harvesting, our cannabis plants are frozen, preserving the delightful terpenes that are often lost during the traditional drying phase. Transporting these frozen wonders to our processing center, we employ ultra-low temperature extraction, resulting in High Terpene Extraction or H.T.E. It's an assurance of pure, robust flavors with potent THC, devoid of additives or fillers.

Extending our dedication to quality, we've partnered with AVD for our vape products, ensuring every puff you take is pure, flavorful essence, whether through Pax pods or 510 thread cartridges.

For those wishing to immerse themselves in the Full Spec experience, our offerings can be found in selected i502 stores across Washington. As we salute the natural blessings of Washington and the dedication of our team, we look forward to bringing you even more authentic cannabis delights, harmonizing nature's gifts with our innovative spirit.